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Glucose, Dextrose and Fructose

  • Liquid Sweetener Production

    SST-GmbH offers and uses the latest technology for sweetener production lines such as glucose/maltose (low and medium DE), dextrose (glucose >95DE), sorbitol and fructose. Starches derived from corn, wheat, cassava, potato or rice are hydrolyzed by the use of acid or enzymes and steam. SST's processes are made up of unique know-how, experience and a high degree of competence in the field of liquid sweetener production.
  • Crystallization

    SST has excellent crystallization processes for the production of dextrose monohydrate (crystalline dextrose) and the production of crystalline fructose. Our crystallizers are either vertical or horizontal and are all equipped with the required cooling facilities.

Sweetener Gate

From Starch to Sweetener

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Key Components For Sweetener Plants

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