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We pride ourselves on being able to put customer visions into practice and on having a high degree of competence in process optimization in this particular industry.

Having carried out three major Corn Starch Engineering projects within the last five years, Starch and Sweetener Technologies (SST-GmbH) has become the leading Engineering Company in this field in the whole of Europe. Our advanced and proven technology is being used by customers and is a main support of our excellent reputation.

SST has become a global supplier of special engineering solutions and related equipment supplies for the renewable agricultural product-based starch and sweetener industry.

Being able to provide our customers with cutting-edge technology and cost-effective energy saving solutions right from the very start of a project means you, as our valued customer, have a clear overview of your project's investments and budgets from day one. Our existing customers rate our pre-engineering as a service that is second to none!

Services Overview

  • Supply of technology
  • pre-engineering
  • basic engineering
  • erection of plants
  • supervision of the erection
  • detail engineering
  • complete plants
  • equipment components
  • modernization of plants
  • staff training
  • supervision of plant start-ups
  • technical assistance at start-ups

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