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The Recovery of Starch

From corn or roots to the raw material

Starch and Sweetener Technologies (SST GmbH) primarily focuses its business on the recovery of starch from agricultural raw materials like corn, but also from roots (tapioca, cassava), wheat, rice and much more. Our customers enjoy our wide range of services from providing know-how and technology right through to delivering equipment for integrated starch and sweetener projects. Alongside our depth of knowledge in the field of starch and sweetener production, we are unique in that we are also extremely conscious of our environment. This means we use, for example, the waste-heat from a glucose plant in a starch plant and vice versa.

Energy-saving and output-enhancing measures are very important issues to consider when setting up a corn starch production plant as they are the deciding factors for the success of the investment.

    Key Component For Starch Plants

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